Shared Abundance Organic Farm

Ruthanne Jahoda created Shared Abundance Organic Farm in 1997 as a place of healing. Her original vision was to create a space where young people struggling with drug and alcohol abuse could be inspired by the beauty of nature, nourishment of pure food and balancing effects of hard work and simple living. It soon became clear that the land had something different in mind.

It was through working the land and co-creating with the Earth that Ruthanne decided to focus solely on farming organically. The inseparable relationship between the vitality of the soil, the energy of the plants and the taste and fragrance of the fresh ripe food made the viability of farming a clear direction. And, it just so happens, Shared Abundance still functions as a place of healing for all of those who visit and work here!

Listening to the Earth herself guided Shared Abundance Organic Farm’s commitment to be sensitive to its effect on the ecosphere. This approach to stewarding the land has encouraged the contributions of the unseen elements to the farm and the vitality of the food -— creating a cycle of responsibility and producing an amazingly abundant bounty.

And the circle is complete in SHARING this ABUNDANCE with you!

The Mission at Shared Abundance: